2016 Annual Small Business Achievement Award

We are proud to announce that on September 29th of 2016,  My Language Link has received the Annual Small Business Achievement Award by the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce.

We would like to thank the Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce for the recognition and especially to our active members of the Interpreters Community in helping us stand out, grow our business, and in elevating the standards of our profession.

Our Story: My Language Link is an Interpreting and Translating company located in New Haven, Connecticut.  It was founded by Marisa Gillio on March 19th,  2011 with the intention to provide Interpreters’ training.   After the interpreters attended a few sessions, they started suggesting to Marisa to start her own Interpreting company:  this was the conception of My Language Link.

The first official assignment - as an Agency - was received on December 6th, 2013 and today we are currently assisting approximately 330 Limited English Proficiency individuals (LEP’s), per month,  in a variety of different settings (Community, Medical, Legal, Translations, etc.)  and in more than 150 languages and counting. 

Our company motto is to keep our clients satisfied by offering high-quality service and a fast response team; professional, adhered to strict codes of ethic,  well trained and dedicated.  

By continuously providing free training in different related topics we have differentiated ourselves from other Interpreting and Translating service companies throughout the State.  

Our reimbursement packages to well-trained interpreters surpass our competitors and today we count with a pool of 300 Interpreters in Connecticut only.

We have been awarded contracts with federal agencies like the US ARMY and US NAVY and also with several state agencies in Connecticut and Washington and we are continuously working on expanding to other states.